Top 5 ways to beat boredom and loneliness out of your life!!!

June 15, 2007 at 7:42 pm | Posted in I,me,myself n my life | 2 Comments

What do you do when you are bored with your work, homesick, friendless, lonely, etc. (yes, all this at the same time!!!)? I tried finding out solutions which are as follows,

1) Join some classes – It could range from music, dance to yoga and pottery (!!!). This would definitely help you break out of a rut and also make use of your free time. Some of it would help you feel relaxed, fit or bring out your “hidden talents”. It would also get you to meet people and might make you “friendful”.

2) Make books your friends (come on you can do that too) – Start reading lot of books. Books which interest you (that doesn’t include raunchy magazines!!!) or which might pull you out of your boredom. Even going to a bookstore and leafing through different books is a good way to pass your time (but it all depends whether you are the booky type). But visiting a bookstore could be a good way to start!!!

3) Browse through job portals (you are bored of your work, aren’t you???) – Find out if there’s something which wouldn’t get you bored too soon. This would boost your morale and make you feel that there are things which might hold your interest in work.

4) Pubs and discs – Catch hold of someone who parties and head for those pubs and discs every weekend. Believe me, it’s a very good stress reliever as well as great socializing grounds!!!

5) Last but not the least (I know it’s cliched) – Find a boyfriend / girlfriend for yourself (choose as applicable). Someone who you can go around with and have fun (see I gave it as the 5th option so don’t blame me!!!). This would not just take away your loneliness completely, it would even take away a lot of other things!!!

Well, the reason I wrote this is that I come in this category, as of now. Lets see which option would work for me!!!



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  1. “if you’re lonely, go and meet people.You will no longer be lonely!”
    Wow such insight, its overwhelming.
    If I could go and meet people of my own volition and do so successfully. I would not need tips from the internet.
    Number 5 is just excellent.

  2. I like your tips brother and I think is about time that I go out there and see what really work for me .thank u.

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